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BESTIR is one of the most famous hand tools manufacturers in global market. It was established by Mr. Wen Kesten in Indonesia in 1930. At that time, representated by Germany, motor industry developed and expanded rapidly in Europe. As an European colony, Indonesia imported large amount of German car. Mr. Wen Kesten was running a garage in Bandung, Indonesia and Lin Dao-wen, a 20-year-old Chinese guy started his apprenticeship with Kesten for car repairing. Diligent and aspirant, Lin was fully appreciated by the master.  With inquisitive mind and professional skill, they invented a lot of special tools for car repairing by applying the method of hot forging. They began to manufacture sleeves and wrenches which were popular and developed fast in Indonesia at that time. Since both Germany and Indonesia believe in totem of eagle, they engraved the eagle pattern on the surfaces of tools as a trademark to show their responsibilities for quality...


Due to the war in 1940's, Mr. Wen Kesten backed to Germany and Lin took responsibility for the business. Because of the unrest in Indonesia, the factory moved to Taiwan and achieved speedy development in 1980's. Especially, the technique of sleeve production was greatly improve and the brand BESTIR enjoys high reputation up to now.


In 2001, the company not only set up a processing and distribution center in Foshan, but also obtained the registration of YINGZHIYIN Brand with logo of eagle in mainland China, which brought an unprecedented development. Focus on good quality, excellent performance and reasonable price, BESTIR shared more and more brand awareness and expanded distribution out of China to international market such as Southeast, Middle East, Russia, Europe and America. Since BESTIR perseveres in pursuing excellence and solemn vow on quality, it offers excellent and durable quality products which bring worldwide appreciation and trust.