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          China‘s hardware industry : urgent need ..
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          Not long ago, the international metalworkers Federation of the forty-ninth session of the World Hardware General Assembly held in Shanghai. This is the group for nearly 100 years for the first time in Chinese holding such an international event.Chinese hardware industry is growing rapidly and influence in the international status is increasingly strengthened, Chinese hardware industry is with infinitevitality and vigor, {TodayHot} realized by hardware power to the power of the cross,as the International Federation of hardware and former president Pell? And Mr. Larson said, China is the fertile soil of the global hardware industry "the last piece of to be developed".

          Hardware industry is both traditional and emerging and modern industry. Hardware products wide range of uses, in the past, people call it hardware, such as nails,scissors, wrench, tool, these small metal products, now has developed into a major industry has the world influence.

          According to statistics, in 2005, import and export of metal products reached US $38597000000, a year-on-year increase of 23.63%, of which, exports amounted to$30512000000, a year-on-year increase of 26.44%. China's hardware industry is developing at an annual growth rate of 20%, the annual output value reached 400000000000 yuan, higher than the household appliances industry. Our entirelight industry exports accounted for about 25% of the total country exports, exportsof the hardware industry ranked in the top 3 of light industry. In every corner of the {HotTag} Chinese hardware products almost all over the country and the world,China is become be worthy of the name of the hardware industry nation.

          The number of the hardware business from the last century in the early 80's more than 2000 to now more than 5. Scale enterprises exceeding 100 million yuan ofstatistics from 1988 when the Sanhuan, Zhang Xiaoquan, force Wendeng, the Great Wall Seiko, power and other 14 enterprises, the rapid rise to the presentmore than 100. Now, the hardware scale enterprises have mostly modern factory.

          China hardware industry from hardware to modern hardware, is facing several major areas including hardware tools, construction hardware, lock security, kitchen products, daily hardware, and the annual trade amounted to $1 in international market. Since 1996, China has established a zipper, electric shaving device,stainless steel utensils, iron, blade, bicycle lock 14 technology development center,a pressure cooker, electric shaving devices, lighter 16 product center. These centers have developed a biological fingerprint lock, explosive composite stainless steel kitchen knife, scissors, fireproof zipper, remote control electric pressure cooker fills the blank of domestic products, greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

          In addition, the hardware industry of independent intellectual property rights has expanded, technology innovative products continue to increase, the independent innovation products only scale enterprises have, at least a few, some even reachedmore than 10. The phenomena that the China hardware, is moving from "Chinamanufacturing" to "create China".

          Although China's hardware industry development by leaps and bounds, have no small progress, but after all the industrial base thin, so the and foreign advanced enterprises there are many gaps compared. In the high-end technology,independent intellectual property rights, brand awareness, modern enterprise management, logistics and many other aspects, need to strengthen and improve.The enterprises of our country still belongs to the products of many foreign enterprises OEM production, at the same time, many enterprises of domestic products also remain in the low-grade market low price competition.

          At present, the hardware industry is to promote the industry structural adjustment.Both the adjustment of industry, enterprise structure, guide the establishment ofmodern enterprise system, to cultivate a group of high grade of products, high technology content, high brand awareness, market share, good economic benefitsof large and medium-sized enterprises and the "little giant" enterprises; and the adjustment of product structure, to enable enterprises to gradually establish amechanism of product development and technology innovation mechanism,increase the use of high technology to transform traditional industries. Chinesehardware industry is worth looking forward to, and the rapid development of goodprospects for the world recognized in China's hardware industry, China's hardwareindustry to take off time may not be far behind.

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