51PCS Aluminum Box Universal Master Tool Set







? The group set of tools is exquisitely designed with high-grade, each utility components are of good quality and durable, with hardware fittings box more humanized, real is to live in, such as enterprises and institutions, property used in hydropower ideal tool for the maintenance of domestic outfit is also, senior colleagues gifts for family and friends.

4PCS ? Exquisite decorative pattern screwdriver 6×100±,3×75±
1PC ? 5MMetric steel tape
1PC ? Electrician tape
1PC ? Digital display test pencil
1PC ? Self-locking pen knife
1PC ? 8〞Adjustable wrench
1PC ? Aluminum alloy flashlight
1PC ? 0.25kgClaw hammer
1PC ? 6〞Long nose pliers
1PC ? 7〞Combination pliers
1PC ? 7〞Electronic shear
1PC ? Teflon tape
6PCS ?Plastic hardware accessories box
4PCS ?Telecommunications screwdriver
1PC ? American needle nose pliers
1PC ? American diagonal pliers
10PCS ? Batch head sets
1PC ? Electric soldering iron
1PC ? Solder wire
1PC ? Miniature chromium iron frame
1PC ? Tin suction pump
1PC ? 6.3mm Series of screwdriver head rotation handle
8PCS ? Allen group
1PC ? Mini saw